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Alumna Parinda Wattanasri (cohort 2019-2020) was interviewed by Thailand Today on vaccine passports. and how they may become a sustainable plan to reopening Thailand.

Parinda still shot from the interview: Vaccine Passports: A Sustainable Plan to Reopening the Country
Alumna Parinda Wattanasri (cohort 2019-2020) being interviewed on Thailand Today

Listen to Parinda and how she draws her expertise on immunisation policy to give this amazing interview at Thailand Today.

Parinda started by explaining what a vaccine passport or certificate is, and how it helps health organisations assess the vaccination status of an individual. 

She then went to clarify that although vaccine passports nay be ready, they can only be used when the country reopens. 

The idea is to use a similar certificate to the yellow vaccine but more robust, as paper and digital versions will be made available.

Parinda then clarifies who is eligible to apply for this passport and mechanisms to apply and obtain this passport.

Alumna Parinda Wattanasri (cohort 2019-2020) is the Assistant director of the Institute of Preventive Medicine , Department of Diseases Control, Ministry of Public Health. She went on Thailand Today to talk about the vaccination passport project in Thailand



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